Business Law Section Boots on the Ground Initiatives

In the spirit of the Boots on the Ground Initiative started by Chancellor Dandridge, the Business Law Section has adopted section-wide community service projects for the past two years. In 2018, the Section will be asking members to participate in a Career Day for elementary school students in the Spring and accompany public school students on an educational field trip in the Fall.

2017 Boots on the Ground Initiative – Field Trip to the Constitution Center

In continuation of Chancellor Dandridge’s Boots on the Ground community service initiative, the Business Law Section sponsored a field trip to the National Constitution Center on November 30, 2017 for over 150 elementary school students at Richmond School who engage in positive behaviors as part of the school’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program.

The PBIS program includes proactive school-wide strategies to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviors. Instead of using a piecemeal approach of individual behavioral management plans, a continuum of positive behavior support for all students within our school is implemented in areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings (such as the lunchroom, schoolyard, hallways and restrooms).

In a partnership with the School District of Philadelphia to fund the field trip as well as school supplies, the Section supported the PBIS program goal of organizing students to create a social culture in schools that will encourage positive behavior and interactions, while discouraging problem behaviors. This social culture will lead to a safer environment where students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and with adults.

One of the chaperones shared a story about one student: “[Student] lives in a house with 11 kids. His family could never afford to take him to visit the National Constitutional Center. He would never have come here if it wasn’t for the sponsoring of this field trip. He had so much fun.”

2016 Boots on the Ground Initiative - Backpacks From the Bar

In continuation of Past Chancellor Albert S. Dandridge's Boots on the Ground community service initiative, the Business Law Section created “Backpacks From the Bar,” a new program that will provide school supplies to children attending Philadelphia public and charter schools. This year, the Section partnered with Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School (SLACS), located in Southwest Philadelphia. SLACS opened its doors in 2007 with the goal of giving children in Southwest Philadelphia hope and a vision for a successful and meaningful future. The school serves as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the entire area, developing its scholars into leaders who will serve as role models for the community and beyond.

Backpacks From the Bar provided 60 backpacks filled with the required school supplies, enough to give every second grader at SLACS a full backpack.

event photo

Business Law Section Executive Committee Members Eric Siegel (far left); Katayun I. Jaffari, chair (second from left); Marcel Pratt (second from right); and Amy McVeigh (far right); help SLACS faculty fill backpacks at the school on Aug. 25.

event photo

Filled backpacks ready to be given out to SLACS students on the first day of school.