Section 300. Annual Meeting.

  1. An Annual Meeting of the Members shall be held on a day designated by the Chancellor during the first two weeks of December of each year at such hour as the Chancellor may designate, for the purpose of
    1. electing the following:
      1. a Vice Chancellor to serve for a term of one year with an automatic annual succession to the offices of Chancellor-Elect and Chancellor, respectively;
      2. a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary, for a term of one year each;
      3. five members of the Board for a term of three years each;
      4. in the event of a vacancy with respect to an elected member of the Board, a person to fill such vacancy for the balance of the term of the member.
    2. voting on such other matters as may properly be submitted to the Members.
  2. Unless otherwise provided by Section 215 hereof, the terms of office of those elected at the Annual Meeting shall begin on the first day of the calendar year immediately following the Annual Meeting.

Section 301. Stated Meetings.

In addition to the Annual Meeting there shall be at least three stated meetings of the Members in each year on such day and at such hour as shall be designated by the Chancellor.

Section 302. Special Meetings.

Special meetings of the Members may be called by the Chancellor at any time and shall be called by the Chancellor on the written request of 100 Members, stating the purpose of the meeting. At special meetings only such business as shall be stated in the call and subjects germane thereto shall be considered.

Section 303. Calls for Meetings.

  1. All calls for meetings of the Members, stated or special, shall set forth the time, place and date of the meeting and shall briefly state the purposes of the meeting and shall be accompanied by either the full text, or a summary, of any matters to be considered.
  2. At least five days before the time fixed for a meeting of the Members, the call and any accompanying reports, or summaries thereof, shall be individually printed and mailed to the Members or be Published, as the Chancellor may direct. (See Section 1100 with respect to the notice requirement for Bylaw amendment.)

Section 304. Quorum at Meetings.

At all meetings of the Members, stated or special, 100 Members shall constitute a quorum. If no quorum is present within a reasonable time after the hour fixed for any meeting, the Members present may fix a time to which the meeting shall stand adjourned.

Section 305. Parliamentary Matters in General.

All matters concerning the conduct of meetings of the Members not provided in these Bylaws shall be determined in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, as the same may be revised from time to time.