Section 400. Elections Committee; Composition.

  1. There shall be an Elections Committee which shall consist of the Immediate Past Chancellor, who shall serve as Chair, and at least 10 Members, all of whom shall be appointed by the current Chancellor with approval of the Board, reflecting the diversity of the Association. The Secretary shall be an ex officio member of the Elections Committee.
  2. No member of the Elections Committee, other than an ex officio member, may be a candidate for any office of the Association in the year in which such member serves on the Elections Committee.

Section 401. Duties and Procedures of the Elections Committee.

  1. The Elections Committee shall actively seek eligible candidates for the offices and positions to be filled; the Elections Committee shall actively seek and recruit candidates of diverse backgrounds, including those who have been historically underrepresented as officers and members of the Board.
  2. As often as the Elections Committee shall determine, but in any event not less than on three separate days the last of which shall be on or before October 15 of each year, the Secretary shall cause a notice to be Published listing the offices to be filled and requesting nominations for such offices.
  3. The Elections Committee shall adopt such rules and procedures as it shall deem appropriate for the conduct of its business to the extent not inconsistent with these Bylaws.
  4. The Elections Committee shall not endorse, evaluate or rank any candidate.

Section 402. Nominating Procedure.

A Member may become a candidate for an office of the Association or for the Board of Governors, by:

  1. Filing with the Secretary, on or before October 15 of each year, nominations in writing which, for candidates of the Board, must be signed by at least 25 Members who are entitled to vote; for candidates for Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, shall be signed by at least 35 Members who are entitled to vote; and for candidates for Vice-Chancellor, shall be signed by at least 100 Members who are entitled to vote; and,
  2. Submitting a written authorization, in a form to be provided by the Elections Committee, for the Disciplinary Board to release any record of discipline on such person; and,
  3. Submitting such biographical information as the Elections Committee may reasonably request.

Section 403. Election Forums.

  1. On or before September 15 of each year, the Elections Committee shall schedule one or more 'Election Forums' to allow each candidate for office to make an oral presentation. The forums shall take place after the period for submission of nominating petitions has closed.
  2. The Elections Committee shall set and publish guidelines and procedures for the forums and for the wide dissemination to the Members of the candidates' qualifications and forum presentations.
  3. The Chair of the Elections Committee or designee will preside over the forum(s), which shall be open to the Members.

Section 404. Final Candidates.

The Secretary shall have Published on or before November 10 of each year a list of the candidates to be voted upon at such meeting in alphabetical order.

Section 405. Removed.

This section has been removed.

Section 406. Voting.

  1. If there is a contest for any office to be filled, reasonable opportunity shall be given for the reception of votes.
  2. The election shall be conducted electronically over the Internet pursuant to procedures established by the Board to preserve the confidentiality of the Member's vote and the integrity of the voting process. The position of the nominee on the ballot shall be determined by lot. The drawing of lots shall be conducted by the Judge of Elections on or before November 10 of each year in the presence of the nominees and/or their representatives. The form of the ballot shall be prescribed by the Board.
  3. If any position to be filled in an election is uncontested after the close of nominations, the name of the candidate shall not appear on the ballot and the Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot in favor of such nominee.
  4. Voting shall commence on a date to be determined by the Board of Governors no less than fourteen days prior to the date set for the Annual Meeting and shall end on the day of the Annual Meeting. When the election results are known, they shall immediately be posted on the Association website.

Section 407. Appointment of Election Officials; Report.

If there is more than one nominee for any office, the Chancellor shall appoint from among the Members, with the consent of the Board, a Judge of Elections and at least two tellers. The Judge of Elections shall have the power to resolve any dispute regarding the validity of any vote cast, and the Judge's decision shall be final and binding on all parties. The report of the Judge and tellers as to the results of the election shall be made to the Chancellor, who shall forthwith cause the names of those elected to be Published.

Section 408. Voting Qualifications.

If a Member is delinquent in the payment of dues, including those of the then current year, such Member shall not be entitled to vote at the Annual Election. A Member who cures such delinquency at any time prior to voting shall be eligible to vote.