Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Ratings for General Election Candidates 2015

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

  • Kevin M. Dougherty
  • Paul Panepinto

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

  • Alice B. Dubow

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Highly Recommended:
  • Abbe Fletman
  • Chris Mallios
  • Kai Scott
  • Michael Fanning
  • Daine Grey, Jr.
  • Rainy Papademetriou
  • Mia Roberts Perez
  • Ken Powell
  • Stephanie M. Sawyer
Not Recommended:
  • Scott DiClaudio
  • Vincent Furlong
  • Tracy B. Roman
  • Lyris Younge

Philadelphia Municipal Court

  • Joffie C. Pittman
Not Recommended:
  • Christine Hope
  • Sharon Williams Losier

Appellate court ratings are issued only for those candidates who maintain a principal office or chambers in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Final Ratings Retention Judges 2015

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas:

  • Gwendolyn N. Bright
  • Glenn B. Bronson
  • Ann M. Butchart
  • Matthew D. Carrafiello
  • Amanda Cooperman
  • Charles J. Cunningham
  • Idee C. Fox
  • Marlene F. Lachman
  • Patricia McInerney
  • Walter J. Olszewski
  • Lillian Harris Ransom
  • Susan I. Schulman
  • Lisette Shirdan-Harris
  • Leon W. Tucker
  • John Milton Younge
Not Recommended:
  • Frank Palumbo

Philadelphia Municipal Court:

  • Frank T. Brady
  • Pat Dugan
  • Barbara S. Gilbert
  • Charles Hayden
  • Gerard A. Kosinski
  • Marsha H. Neifield
  • Craig M. Washington
Not Recommended:
  • Dawn A. Segal