Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention

2017 General Election Ratings – Candidates

Superior Court of Pennsylvania *

Highly Recommended:

recommended imageMaria McLaughlin


recommended imageCarolyn H. Nichols

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania *


recommended imageEllen H. Ceisler

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas


recommended imageDeborah Canty

recommended imageLucretia C. Clemons

recommended imageVincent Furlong

recommended imageVikki Kristiansson

recommended imageZac Shaffer

recommended imageStella Tsai

Not Recommended:

not recommended imageDeborah Denise Cianfrani

not recommended imageMark B. Cohen

not recommended imageShanese Johnson

Philadelphia Municipal Court


recommended imageMarissa Joan Brumbach

recommended imageMatt S. Wolf

2017 General Election Ratings – Retention Judges

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas


recommended imageLinda A. Carpenter

recommended imageEllen H. Ceisler

recommended imageMichael E. Erdos

recommended imageShelley Robins New

recommended imageRosalyn K. Robinson

recommended imageTeresa M. Sarmina

Philadelphia Municipal Court


recommended imageThomas F. Gehret

recommended imageNazario Jimenez Jr.

recommended imageWilliam A. Meehan Jr.

recommended imageBradley K. Moss

recommended imageDavid C. Shuter

recommended imageKaren Y. Simmons

recommended imageJoyce O. Webb Eubanks

Not Recommended:

not recommended imageJames M. De Leon

not recommended imageMarvin L. Williams

* Appellate court ratings are issued only for those candidates who maintain a principal office or chambers in Philadelphia.