The purpose of this Section is to promote the objectives of the Philadelphia Bar Association within the field of state civil litigation and, to that end, to advance the development of the law and the further and continuing education of the Philadelphia bar within that field in all its branches. The Section also formulates and extends the study of this field of law, cooperates in attaining uniformity with respect to both legislation and administration in all matters within this field. The Section cooperates with judicial, legislative and administrative bodies and other constituents of the organized bar to further these activities. It suggests improvements in applicable laws, practices and procedures. It also works to simplify and improve the application of justice in this field in conformity with the Charter and Bylaws of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

CLE discounts available!

Section members are now eligible to receive discounts for CLE programs presented by their sections under a new agreement between the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

The new discount program only applies to programs proposed and presented by the sections and the various committees of those sections. It does not apply to stand-alone Bar Association committees. The discount program became effective on May 1.