Workers' Compensation Section Photos

Annual Holiday Luncheon at St. John's Hospice - November 30, 2017

Laura Brooke, Esq., Jennifer Etkin, Esq., Mary Wagner, Esq., Mark Davis, Mindy Levin, Esq., Joseph Ring, Esq., Kayla Kieszek, Alexis Handrich, Esq., Ruxandra Osgood, Esq., Deborah Richman, Esq., Christine Berry, Esq., and Christopher Fox, Esq.
Mary Wagner, Esq., Mindy Levin, Esq., and Laura Brooke, Esq.
Angie Chernitsky and Denise Owens
Deborah Richman, Esq. and Jennifer Etkin, Esq., chair of the Community Service and Charitable Events subcommittee
Workers' Compensation Judges, Tina Maria Rago and Nancy Farese
Ruxandra Osgood, Esq., Alexis Handrich, Esq. and Christopher Fox, Esq.

Workers' Compensation Section's Donation to Women Against Abuse - November 2017

Deborah Richman, Esq. and Alexis Handrich, Esq. present a donation to Women Against Abuse on behalf of the WC Section.

Workers’ Compensation Section’s Second Annual Halloween Happy Hour – October 26, 2017

Deborah Richman, Esq., co-chair of the Community Service and Charitable Events subcommittee, and Kelly Hemple, Esq.
Tracey McCloskey, Director of Meetings and Special Events, Philadelphia Bar Association
Craig Rosen, Practice Manager at Weinerman Pain and Wellness, and Neil Anand, M.D.

Workers’ Compensation Section serve lunch at St. John’s Hospice – August 2017

Workers' Compensation Spring Party at Morgan's Pier - June 1, 2017

Amit Shah, Esq., 2017 co-chair and event sponsor, Levi Wolf of Wolf, Baldwin, & Associates
WCJ Andrea McCormick and Michael McCadden, Esq.
Patrick Kenny, Esq. and Ian Landman, Esq., co-liaison of the YLD
Tara Phoenix and Deborah Richman, Esq.
WCJ Todd Seelig and Robyn Lewison.
WCJ Denise Krass and Marisa Barriere, Esq.

Workers' Compensation Section visits Children's Village - May 2017

2017 Co-chairs Amit Shah, Esquire, Hon. Audrey Beach, and Mark Mazzanti, Esq. with Hon. Tina Maria Rago checking out the water table on the rooftop of Children's Village, the recipient of our May 2017 charitable donations.
2017 Section Co-Chairs Amit Shah, Esq. and Hon. Audrey Beach; Susan Frankel, Development Director; and Section Co-Chair Mark Mazzanti, Esq.

Martha Hampton Luncheon – May 5, 2017

Dawn Vogelson; Niki Ingram, Esq., Martha Hampton award winner ; and Andrew Unthank.
Attorneys and staff of Marshall Dennehey.
Lisa Eldridge, Esq. congratulating Martha Hampton award winner, Niki Ingram, Esq.
Niki Ingram, Esq. – Martha Hampton award winner
Judge Rago presenting the Friend of the Bar award to Tara Phoenix.
Guest enjoyed lunch at the Sheraton Philadelphia – Society Hill Hotel, 1 Dock Street
Guest enjoyed lunch at the Sheraton Philadelphia – Society Hill Hotel, 1 Dock Street
2017 Section co-chairs, Hon. Audrey Beach, Amit Shah, Esq. and Mark Mazzanti, Esq.
Kelly Hemple, Esq., Danielle DeRosa, Esq. and Hon. Tina Maria Rago
Kenneth Kapner, Esquire and Deborah Richman, Esquire, co-chair of the Community Service and Charitable Events subcommittee
Catherine Tanaka Surbeck, Esquire, co-chair of the Arts in the Court subcommittee, and WCJ Audrey Beach, 2017 WC Section co-chair
WCJ Scott Olin, co-chair of the Arts in the Court subcommittee, and WCJ Todd Seelig, incoming 2018 WC Section co-chair
Stacey Merkin, Esquire; Alexis C. Handrich, Esquire; Diane Fenner, Esquire; Catherine Tanaka Surbeck, Esquire; Shaina Anderson, artist; WCJ A. Michael Snyder, ret.; WCJ Andrea McCormick; WCJ Scott Olin; WCJ Todd Seelig – recipients of award for service on the Arts in the Court subcommittee
Keynote speaker, Wendy Tyson
2017 Martha Hampton award winner, Niki T. Ingram, Esquire, and 2015 Martha Hampton award winner, Lisa D. Eldridge, Esquire
WCJ Sarah Makin and 2017 Lifetime Achievement award winner, Commissioner Susan M. McDermott, ret.
Eric Pearson, Esquire; WCJ Denise E. Krass; and Danielle DeRosa, Esquire, 2016 WC Section co-chairs
WCJ Denise E. Krass; Tara Phoenix, 2017 Friend of the Bar award winner; and WCJ Tina Maria Rago
2017 WC Section co-chairs, Amit Shah, Esquire, WCJ Audrey Beach, and Mark L. Mazzanti, Esquire
Eric Pearson, Esquire and 2017 Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, Deborah R. Gross, Esquire
Event sponsors, Carla Lee and Jennifer Braid, from U.S. Legal Support, Inc.
Lenard A. Cohen, Esquire, 2004 Martha Hampton award winner; Michael McGurrin, Esquire; and Gabriela Raful, Esquire

Workers’ Compensation Section and the Solo, Small & Mid-Size Firm Management Committee join together to serve lunch at St. John’s Hospice – April 2017

Mother's Home Donation – March 2017

Morgan Kane delivers charitable donation to Mother's Home, Darby, PA

PAWS Donation – March 2017

Saint John's Hospice Annual Sock Donation – January 2017

WC Section chairs, Amit Shah, Mark Mazzanti and Judge Audrey Beach along with the WC Charitable Events co-chairs, Jennifer Etkin and Deborah Richman showing off the generous sock donations from the WC section members. The socks were delivered to St. John’s Hospice where they were received with great appreciation.

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