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Screening Form

If you meet certain requirements, you can ask the court to have prior arrests and/or convictions expunged from your legal record and/or sealed from the general public. This can make it easier to get a job or housing. We are volunteer attorneys and our services are completely free to you. Please read the information below to see if qualify:


Certain arrests/convictions can be completely expunged, or erased, from your record:

  1. Non-conviction charges (charge was dismissed, withdrawn, nolle prossed, not guilty, etc.).
  2. ARD/Section 17 if you complete the program and pay the fine.
  3. Summary convictions if you have a five-year arrest-free period since the conviction.
  4. Any conviction if you are 70+ years old and have a 10-year arrest free period since the conviction(s).


Certain convictions cannot be expunged, so they will remain on your record, but they are sealed from the general public:

  1. You were convicted (plead guilty or were found guilty) of an offense that was a misdemeanor of the second or third degree.
    Examples: Drug possession, DUI, minor theft, disorderly conduct and prostitution.
  2. You have been free of arrest and conviction for a period of 10 years following the completion of your sentence.
  3. You have never been convicted of certain crimes, including any felonies, first degree misdemeanors, or second degree simple assault (the most common kind).
  4. You have fewer than four (4) misdemeanor convictions.
  5. You have paid all fines and costs owed on the case.

If you are eligible to have your record either expunged or sealed, please fill in the confidential form below and someone from the clinic will contact you.

*** Filling out this form does not create an attorney-client relationship. This form is simply to provide information to allow our volunteers to confirm that you are eligible for our services.***

At Capacity

Thank you for your interest, but please note that due to an overwhelming response, appointments for the Nov. 12 Expungement Clinic are at capacity.

Registrations are no longer being accepted. If you have already registered, you either have been or will be contacted by a volunteer attorney to confirm your eligibility.

If you are not already registered, we encourage you to leave your name and email address on the below form. We will contact you about other free clinics in the future.

If you have questions regarding this program,
please email our volunteer attorneys at