John S. Bradway High School Mock Trial Competition

Mock Trial Competition/Law Camp Committee

Mock Trial Competition
Offered each spring, this program allows students to play the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a simplified mock trial. Approximately 50 public and parochial high school teams compete each year. Topics of previous programs have involved the suppression of evidence, hate crimes, constitutional issues, simple negligence matters and civil forfeitures in a criminal context. YLD volunteer coaches guide students in understanding the way a trial works, help develop strategy and promote an understanding of trial fundamentals. The teams compete in a round-robin tournament, with the champion representing Philadelphia at the state mock trial finals in Harrisburg, PA. Winners there go on to represent Pennsylvania in the national finals. Volunteers are needed to serve as team coaches and judges for the preliminary rounds of the competition.

Mock Trial Law Camp
This program helps prepare students for the annual high school Mock Trial Competition. The camp is an intensive all-day training session that couples instructive session with hands-on training in direct and cross-examination of parties and witnesses. It also helps with their preparation and presentation of all components of the trials, including opening statements and closing arguments. Volunteers are needed to be group leaders and to assist in the student presentation. Group leaders are responsible for guiding teams of six students through the entire two-day program. There is a smaller time commitment for volunteers who want to serve as witnesses and jury members or help with the administration of the program.

Interested in becoming a mock trial coach?

If you're interested in possibly becoming a mock trial attorney advisor/coach for one of the dozens of local Philadelphia high school mock trial teams, please contact Roberta West via e-mail at or via phone at (215) 204-1887.

Please note: The mock trial problem, rules and evaluating judges information can be found on the Pennsylvania Bar Association website:, (click on Public Resources, then the Young Lawyers Division, then Mock Trial).

2010 John S. Bradway Philadelphia High School Mock Trial Competition

Each spring students from 50 public, private, and parochial schools compete in a simplified mock trial for the City Mock Trial Championship. The students are given the opportunity to play the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictitious criminal or civil case, focusing on real legal issues. Previous trials have involved the suppression of evidence, hate crimes, constitutional issues, simple negligence matters, civil forfeitures in a criminal context, and 1st degree murder.

The following sign-up form is for attorneys who are interested in serving as volunteers in this year's Philadelphia High School Mock Trial Competition, which is run by Temple University Beasley School of Law and the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

If you have volunteered in the past, we thank you and hope that you will do so this year. If you have not yet volunteered for the Mock Trial Competition, we encourage you to do so and are confident the experience will be rewarding.
Please do not forget to provide your e-mail address; indicate whether you want to serve as a presiding or scoring judge; three dates that you are able volunteer; rank those dates in order of preference; and indicate whether you are able to serve as a volunteer for more than one trial. We will make every effort to select a date(s) that best accommodates your schedule, but there are times we are unable to do so and we appreciate your understanding.

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