Business Law Section Giants of the Business Bar

This event is part of a series of programs in which the Business Law Section recognizes legal giants who have had a significant impact on the practice of business law in Philadelphia and beyond, and provides an opportunity for both young and experienced lawyers to learn from the giants.

  • Fall 2020 Sophia Lee, Teleicia Dambreville and Richard Ramones, moderated by Ernest Holtzheimer
  • Spring 2019 Gerrie Sinatra and Phil Amoa
  • Spring 2018 Ann C. MulĂ©
  • Spring 2017 Frederick D. Lipman
  • Fall 2016 Stephen J. Harmelin and Joseph H. Jacovini
  • Spring 2016 Albert S. Dandridge III, moderated by Justin Klein
  • Fall 2015 Amy Boss, moderated by United States Bankruptcy Judge Jean K. FitzSimon
  • Spring 2015 Justin Klein, moderated by Marcel Pratt
  • Fall 2014 Roberta Jacobs-Meadway, moderated by Helen Richardson
  • Spring 2014 William Clark, moderated by Lisa Jacobs
  • Spring 2013 Carl Schneider, moderated by Albert S. Dandridge III