WHEREAS, Martha Hampton served with dedication and distinction as Co-Chair of the Workers' Compensation Section at the Philadelphia Bar Association; and

WHEREAS, she was a senior partner in the law firm of Galfand Berger Lurie Brigham Jacobs Swan Jurewicz & Jensen and an accomplished and recognized expert in the area of workers' compensation law; and

WHERAS, she served as Chair of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association's Workers' Compensation Section and was an active member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Section and the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association; and

, she lectured frequently on Workers' Compensation, wrote extensively on the topic and always shared her impressive knowledge of the law with her colleagues and never hesitated to answer questions and

WHEREAS, she was not only a champion to the rights of injured workers but a knowledgeable and reasonable adversary, a caring professional and an exemplary human being.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association joins with the Workers' Compensation Section and the entire legal community in mourning the untimely passing of Martha Hampton and remembering the outstanding example of her life and work.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we extend our condolences to her family, her partners and her many friends, colleagues and associates.

ADOPTED: August 26, 1999