WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association has in the past provided career planning and placement services to its members;

WHEREAS, although the formal service was discontinued in 1998 due to financial constraints, that service has historically been very well received by the membership;

WHEREAS, the Association has been exploring new, cost-efficient ways to meet this ongoing member need, and has received proposals from a number of interested parties;

WHEREAS, a preliminary proposal from Juristaff, Inc., legal staffing specialists, has been received and reviewed by a subcommittee of this Board of Governors;

WHEREAS, the JuriStaff proposal encompasses

1. Career Counseling and Resume Review - 6 hours weekly will be spent on individual career counseling; 1 hour weekly on luncheon or other presentations to Association members re career planning issues; commitment to work with the Association to create and maintain onsite placement resources at Association offices; additional programming re relevant placement issues

2. Job Postings - Facilitation of non-fee placements through maintenance of a job folder onsite at Bar offices, online posting of job notices on either the JuriStaff Web site or on the Bar’s site; maintenance of a placement "hotline" with recorded messages regarding recent job listings

3. Placement - Administration of placement opportunities and potential candidates information via Juristaff’s database; Association member ability to post resumes online at the JuriStaff Web site; discounts to association members on Juristaff’s usual placement fees; provision of percentage of certain JuriStaff placement fees to the Philadelphia Bar Association;

4. Promotion - JuriStaff agrees to assist in promotion of this member service via reciprocal linking between Juristaff’s Web site and the Association’s site; allocation of space on Juristaff’s Web site to promote the service; cooperation with Bar staff in preparation of news releases as appropriate; promotion of the service via Juristaff’s own print publications; generally, will work cooperatively with the Association to promote this service;

WHEREAS, JuriStaff has demonstrated a desire and ability to partner with the Association to deliver top rate career placement and planning services to Association members.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors accepts the JuriStaff proposal on a one-year, trial basis and authorizes the Chancellor to enter into an agreement with JuriStaff on behalf of the Association on such terms and conditions as the Chancellor shall determine.

ADOPTED: February 25, 1999