WHEREAS, the Constitution of the United States is the cornerstone of the Nation's system of government under law, signifies the importance of the rule of law, affirms the Nation's dedication to the principles of freedom and justice, and is recognized by many as the important document in history for establishing democracy;

WHEREAS, the National Constitution Center was authorized by the United States Congress in the Constitution Heritage Act of 1988 as a non-partisan organization founded to engage all Americans in our Constitution, its history, and its relevance to our daily lives so that We the People understand and exercise our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States;

WHEREAS, the Constitution Heritage Act directed by the Secretary of the Interior to establish the National Constitution Center within or in close proximity to Independence National Historical Park;

WHEREAS, the National Constitution Center has as its mission

to build The Constitution Center on Independence Mall, Philadelphia - a new museum to make the meaning of the Constitution come alive for the general public, especially families and children; and

to make Constitution Week - beginning with the day the Constitution was signed, September 17, a new American tradition with important substantive content;

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association, the first bar association in America, presently representing more than 13,000 Philadelphia lawyers, believes that the economic and civic benefits of a new Constitution Center, along with its outreach programs, will be of great benefit to the City of Philadelphia and the nation;

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association and the National Constitution Center have a shared goal and social commitment to create a more informed citizenry;

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association agrees that the success of this project of national significance will benefit all citizens of the United States and depends on leadership and financial support;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED to endorse and support the mission and goals, programs and activities of the National Constitution Center and participate towards its goal to open The Constitution Center on September 17, 2000, and shall call upon its members to participate in these efforts and will appoint a special committee of the Bar to carry out this resolution.

ADOPTED: September 26, 1996