WHEREAS, the Insurance Programs Committee was established as a blue chip committee and has responsibility for screening and evaluating all insurance products made available to members of the Association;

WHEREAS, the burdens of the committee have increased over the past several years due to the number of new products and market forces which impact upon current products;

WHEREAS, pursuant to a resolution passed by the Board of Governors on Jan. 23, 1986, the committee currently consists of a chairman and six members, all of whom are appointed by the Chancellor;

WHEREAS, former Chairs of the committee are permitted to continue to serve on the committee as ex officio members under appointment by the Chancellor;

WHEREAS, it is deemed beneficial to include more members of the Bar in the Insurance Programs Committee to assist its current members in evaluating products, market conditions and problems, and making recommendations to the Board of Governors in a timely fashion on issues of critical importance to the Association and its members.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Insurance Programs Committee shall be increased by three members (from the Chair plus six to the Chair plus nine), each of whom shall be appointed by the Chancellor to serve a term of three years.

ADOPTED: February 29, 1996