Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Notice to Philadelphia Bar Association Members:

Pursuant to Section 1100 of the Philadelphia Bar Association bylaws, notice is hereby given to all members of the Philadelphia Bar Association that the following amendments to the bylaws of the Philadelphia Bar Association were considered at the June 29, 2006 Board of Governors meeting and was approved for submission to the members at the October Quarterly Meeting to take place on Monday, October 30, 2006 at Noon at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue.

1. Article VIII shall be amended and restated as follows:


Section 800. Divisions; Additional Divisions.

(A) The Divisions of the Association shall be as set forth in this Article.

(B) Additional Divisions may be established by amendment of these bylaws as provided in Section 1100. The establishing bylaw shall identify the membership or subject matter of the Division, which shall not be a recognized area of substantive or procedural law or the practice thereof.

Section 801. Combination, Change of Name or Discontinuance of Divisions.

The Board may change the name of, combine or discontinue any Division or Divisions.

Section 802. Membership of Divisions.

(A) All members of Divisions shall be Members except as set forth in Section 802(B) hereof, and any Member may be a member of any one or more Divisions.

(B) Any Division may permit one or more non-lawyers to serve as members of the Division or any committee thereof, and unless otherwise approved by the Board no non-lawyer may be an officer of any Division.

Section 803. Division Organization and Procedures; Reports.

(A) Each Division shall adopt such bylaws and other regulations for its organization, governance and conduct of its business as it deems appropriate, not inconsistent with the Charter, Bylaws and resolutions of the Board.

(B) The officers of each Division shall be the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers as are provided in its bylaws. In lieu of a Chair, a Division may have two or more Co-Chairs, in which case any reference to the "Chair" of a Division in these Bylaws shall refer to any Co-Chair, as determined by the Division.

(C) No Division may assess dues on its members unless first authorized by the Board.

(D) There shall be no expenditure by the Division of funds not obtained through the Bar Association’s budget process unless first authorized by the Board.

(E) At such time or times as the Chancellor or Board shall determine, the Chair of each Division shall transmit a report of its activities to the Chancellor and/or the Board.

Section 804. Division Meetings.

All Divisions shall meet from time to time at the call of the Chair thereof, and it shall be the duty of the Chair thereof to call a meeting upon the written request of the Chancellor or of any 25 members of the Division.

Section 805. The Young Lawyers Division

(A) The Young Lawyers Division shall consist of all Regular Members

(1) who are under 37 years of age, or;

(2) regardless of age, whose third anniversary of their first admission to the Bar of any state has not yet occurred.

(B) Membership of a Regular Member in the Division shall terminate automatically at the end of the calendar year during which a Member no longer fulfills either of the requirements set forth in Section 805(A) above, or at such earlier time as the Member ceases to be a Regular Member.

Section 806. The Law Practice Management Division.

The Law Practice Management Division shall be devoted to supporting members in their activities relating to the business of practicing law by offering assistance with marketing, management, technology, and finance.

All Regular Members shall be members of the Law Practice Management Division.

2. Section 900 (B) shall be amended and restated as follows:

Section 900. Sections; Additional Sections.

(B) Additional Sections may be established by amendment of these bylaws as provided in Section 1100 upon petition to the Board signed by 50 or more Members whose principal practice or interest shall be within the contemplated jurisdiction of the Section. The petition shall state the contemplated jurisdiction of the Section, which shall be a recognized area of substantive or procedural law or the practice thereof, and which shall not be in substantial conflict with the jurisdiction of any Standing or Special Committee that will continue after the Section is established.

3. Section 208 shall be amended and restated as follows:

Section 208. The Board.

(A) The members of the Board entitled to vote, shall be

(1) the Officers, all of whom shall serve for a term co-extensive with their respective terms of office;

(2) the two immediate past Chancellors;

(3) the immediate past Chair of the Board;

(4) a representative of each Section designated by the Section and then serving as a member of the highest executive body of the Section who shall serve for a term of one year (provided that no such representative shall serve for more than three consecutive one-year terms); the Chair of each Section shall notify the Chair of the Board on or before December 31 of each year of the identity of the person designated by the Section to serve as a member of the Board during the following calendar year as a representative of the Section;

(5) 15 persons elected by the Members as provided in Section 300(A)(1)(c), consisting of three classes of five Members each, who shall serve for a term of three years, one class being elected each year;

(6) two persons appointed by the Chancellor pursuant to Section 208(D), each of whom shall serve for a term of two years, one person being appointed each year; and

(7) the Chair and Chair-Elect of the Young Lawyers Division.

(8) the Chair of the Law Practice Management Division.

(B) The President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation shall be an ex officio non-voting member of the Board.

(C) The Editor of The Philadelphia Lawyer, the Editor of the Philadelphia Bar Reporter, the Association’s delegates to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, and the Association’s Zone Governor to the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Board of Governors shall be entitled to be present and to be heard at all meetings of the Board. (D) On or before January 15 of each year, the Chancellor, upon consideration of the recommendation from the Committee on Minorities in the Profession with respect to such appointment, shall appoint a Member who is a member of a racial minority as a member of the Board, pursuant to Section 208(A)(6).

(E) No member of the Board may designate another person to represent such member at a meeting of, or to cast any vote in the deliberations of, the Board.

4. Section 100(A)(2)(c) shall be amended and restated as follows:

Section 100. Classes of Membership; Rights.

(c) a Legal Administrator. A Legal Administrator for purposes hereof shall be a person who is not a member of the Bar but who is qualified as a legal administrator through education, training or work experience and who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law firm, government legal body or other law-related entity in a capacity or function which involves general responsibility for business management, marketing, support functions and/or staff personnel of the entity.