Lobbying 101

Effective Lobbying

In order for legislators to understand the interests and needs of their constituency, they need to hear from you directly. You can make a difference in legislative outcomes and be successful in directing the actions of your legislators by being in direct communication with them. The Philadelphia Bar Association has made that process as simple as possible by including an automated electronic communication vehicle.

While electronic communications are quick and easy, it is often much more effective to lobby in a more personal manner. The most effective means of communicating with your government officials is in person, followed by letters, fax and email.

Some rules for lobbying include:

  • Be civil and courteous when meeting with legislators
  • Be considerate of legislator's time
  • Understand the subject matter and being able to communicate succinctly and clearly
  • Be timely in communication

It is important when meeting with legislators to communicate that you are one of their constituents. You should also understand the position of the legislator on the matter that you're communicating. Effective lobbying is a grassroots effort to advocate your position. We urge you to use the resources of the Philadelphia Bar Association website to contact your legislators or obtain their contact information for more personal communication.