Philadelphia Bar Association 2020 Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Membership


William P. Fedullo, Esq.

Vice Chair

Kenneth Murphy, Esq.


Hon. A. Michael Snyder (Ret.)


Lauren P. McKenna, Esq.

Vice Chancellor

Wesley R. Payne, IV, Esq.

District Attorney

Hon. Carolyn Engel Temin (Ret.)

Philadelphia City Solicitor

Marcel Pratt, Esq.

Chief Defender, Defenders Association

Keir Bradford-Grey, Esq.

Community Legal Services, Executive Director

Deborah Freedman, Esq.

Business Law Section Representative

Marc J. Zucker, Esq.

Criminal Justice Section Co-Chair

Thomas J. Innes, III, Esq.

Criminal Justice Section Representative

Andrew Wellbrock, Esq.

Family Law Section Chair

Randi L. Rubin, Esq.

Probate & Trust Section Chair

Scott S. Small, Esq.

Public Interest Section

Arly Smith-Pearson, Esq.

State Civil Litigation Section Co-Chair

Jordan L. Strokovsky, Esq.

Young Lawyers Division Chair

Hillary Ladov, Esq.

Appellate Courts Committee

Thomas Wilkinson, Esq.

LGBT Rights Committee Co-Chair

Ian Evans, Esq.

Municipal Court Committee Chair

Kristine A. Phillips, Esq.

Women in the Profession Committee Co-Chair

Niki Ingram, Esq.

Barristers Association of Philadelphia

David Williams, Esq.

Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Djung Tran, Esq.

The Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Gomez Hardy, Esq.

South Asian Bar Association

Neil Makhija, Esq.

President Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Hon. Idee Fox

President Judge, Municipal Court

Hon. Patrick Dugan

Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association

Regina M. Foley, Esq.
(Term expires 12/31/21)

Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel

(Term expires 12/31/21)

Appointed Members of the Bar Association

William P. Fedullo, Esq.
(Term expires 12/31/20)

Kenneth Murphy, Esq.
(Term expires 12/31/21)

Hon. Lydia Kirkland
(Term expires 12/31/22)

Harris T. Bock, Esq.
(Term expires 12/31/23)

Appointed Non-Members of the Bar

Annette McDaniel Turner, MD
(Term expires 12/31/20)

The Very Rev. Canon Martini Shaw
(Term expires 12/31/21)

Shelly Beaser
(Term expires 12/31/20)

Essie Abrahams-Goldberg
(Term expires 12/31/20