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October 30, 2009

Philadelphia Bar Association Applauds Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Order to Dismiss Thousands of Luzerne County Juvenile Cases

The Philadelphia Bar Association applauds the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s order yesterday vacating thousands of “tainted” juvenile cases that were handled by an ex-judge accused of taking kickbacks in Luzerne County, Pa. between January 1, 2003 and May 31, 2008. Further, the association specifically lauds the work and recommendations of Senior Judge Arthur E. Grim, chairman of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, who was appointed by the state’s Supreme Court to review these juvenile cases.

Sayde J. Ladov, Chancellor of the Bar Association, says, “We applaud this action by our state’s highest court, for we believe that this order helps to right an egregious wrong perpetuated against thousands of vulnerable youth. It also demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction, as our state’s highest court seeks to rectify the problems created by this unconscionable scandal.

“In recommending that nearly all the juveniles’ records be expunged, Judge Grim and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have sent a powerful message restoring hope to the individuals and families personally affected by this tragedy, and they have provided an invaluable service to all citizens by helping to reestablish confidence in our justice system,” says Ladov.

She adds, “We must now work together in curing the public’s perception of the failures of the justice system in Luzerne County so that going forward, litigants and their lawyers will not be prejudiced by what has happened there.”

“A fair and independent judiciary is critical to the administration of justice,” says Ladov, “and is vital toward maintaining the integrity of our democratic system of government.”

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