The Philadelphia Lawyer Fall 2016

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article image From the Editor
by Jennifer Platzkere Snyder
article image Ethics
In searching social media, discover more pitfalls than evidence
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar (Association)…
Some lawyers do have a sense of humor about things
by Adam Moskow
article image NAPABA Has a Lobby Day and So Should You!
Affinity bar takes their efforts to affect change all the way to Washington
by Sophia Lee
article image Democratic National Convention: Perspective of a Local Delegate
Philadelphia native attends a DNC in his own backyard
by Sen. Daylin Leach
article image Abraham Lincoln: Character of a Man
Lincoln's fundamental character was his legacy
by M. Kelly Tillery
article image Career Change Defined by Struggle and Success
The white whale is not as elusive as one may think
by Danielle Sapega
article image Tzedakah: The 'Law' of Social Justice
The principal of social justice transcends time
by Steve LaCheen
article image The Workers’ Compensation Section: Past, Present and Future
Taking great pride in philanthropy, advocacy and comradery
article image Technology
Sleep better with two-factor authentication
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Book Review
"Bush" by Jean Edward Smith
by M. Kelly Tillery
article image That Was Then - 1976
Philadelphia Bar Association Bench-Bar Conference