The Philadelphia Lawyer Spring 2018

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article image From the Editor
by Niki T. Ingram
article image Ethics
Is there a screen to keep out web bugs?
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Annals of Justice: Fifty Years On II
Representing clients “before the common era”
by Steve LaCheen
article image Remembering Chancellor and Judge Thomas N. O’Neill Jr.
Honoring a fair judge, active Chancellor and a loving father
by Kathleen D. Wilkinson
article image 10 Questions for Larry Krasner
New Philly district attorney creates a “movement”
by Mike Lee
article image Completing the Mission
Arthur Raynes’s legacy of defending victims of Thalidomide continued by son, Stephen
by Hon. Gerald Austin McHugh
article image Famous Monsters in Film, TV, Magazines and the Courtroom
Basil Gogos and his monsters reemerge
by M. Kelly Tillery
article image Leaping Into a Lifetime of Firsts
Every day is a new day, opportunity and adventure
by Meredith Z. Avakian
article image Law Student Chronicles: On Being Young and Older
Bluebook citations and episodes of “Sesame Street” collide
by Bridget Mead
article image Technology
Upgrade your system to keep up with the Jones’s, or Microsofts
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Book Review
“The Grouchy Historian” By Ed Asner and Ed Weinberger
by Steve LaCheen
article image That Was Then - 1998
Spring Quarterly Meeting was harmonious