The Philadelphia Lawyer Winter 2017

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article image From the Editor
by Jennifer Platzkere Snyder
article image Ethics
Selling a practice made simple
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Cybersecurity
The value of a law firm’s information is probably greater than it knows
by Angie Singer Keating and Jordan M. Rand
article image Stimulating the Local Economy Through Pro Bono
Philadelphia VIP helps small businesses and nonprofits with LawWorks
by Alison Merrick, Joanna Volpe, Katayun I. Jaffari and Philip D. Amoa
article image Annals of Justice: Sometimes a Window
A judge's chambers can be quite revealing
by Steve LaCheen
article image 2017 Chancellor Deborah R. Gross
Introducing our 90th Chancellor
by Leonard A. Bernstein
article image Seeking Justice on Soiled Ground
Reflecting on the importance of genocide remembrance and recognition
by Meredith Z. Avakian-Hardaway
article image On Declaring War
The art of the declaration seems to have been missed
M. Kelly Tillery
article image La Vita Di Pasta
A simple Italian dish straight from a professor's trip to Rome
by John Myers
article image Technology
Mastering Microsoft Word is a learning process like everything else
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Book Review
"Fair Labor Lawyer" by Marlene Trestman
by David I. Grunfeld
article image That Was Then - 2007
Lawyerpalooza Rocks the YLD