The Philadelphia Lawyer Winter 2021

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article image From the Editor
by Shelli Fedullo
article image From the Chancellor
by Hon. A. Michael Snyder (ret.)
article image Ethics
How to maintain an IOLTA account and keep the Disciplinary Counsel from knocking on your door.
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image When Two Public Health Crises Collide
The fatal shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr., who had a history of mental illness, raises several questions including: Why did it have to go straight to violence?
by Karen Wheeler
article image COVID-19 Internship
How an unconventional summer internship forced the writer out of her comfort zone.
by Brittany Stokes
article image Honoring RBG
The two winners of the 2020 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg writing competition are carrying on her legacy of scholarship, provoking discussion of critical legal issues.
article image Trailblazer, Role Model and Advocate: Introducing 94th Chancellor Lauren P. McKenna
Through continuous pursuit of work-life balance, 2021 Chancellor Lauren P. McKenna, Esq., has succeeded in establishing harmony among family, career, communit,y and self.
by Hon. Wendy G. Rothstein
article image Chestnut Hill East
How the divide exemplified on the train line has become starker during the COVID-19 pandemic.
by Albert S. Dandridge III
article image Annals of Justice: The “Why” and Some of the “How”
On being a legal “chameleon”
by Steve LaCheen
article image When Can Contract Duties Be Suspended or Terminated Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Taking a closer look at when a party may have a legal defense if it elects to not perform contract obligations.
by Ken Grunfeld
article image Technology
Just like their edible counterparts, using expired software could make your computer sick.
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image Extras
A new “Philly Courts” crossword puzzle by Bob Stern
by Robert J. Stern
article image That Was Then - The Philadelphia Lawyer as The Shingle
The magazine undergoes a name change.