Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee promotes participation in the activities of the Section by a diverse group of attorneys representing the entire legal community. It encourages inclusion of lawyers of every race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, or sexual orientation.


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Probate and Trust Law Section Diversity and Inclusion Plan

The purpose of this Diversity and Inclusion Plan is to set forth goals, metrics and reporting mechanisms to ensure that the Probate and Trust Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association (the "Probate Section") fulfills the commitment of the Philadelphia Bar Association to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

The Probate Section believes that inclusion, participation and involvement of a diverse group of attorneys, representing the various facets of our legal community, including races, ethnicities, national origins, gender, sexual orientations, and other distinct group interests, in the Probate Section and, more generally, our practice area, is essential to insure the continued relevance of the professional services which our members provide to the community.

Diversity Committee

To help guide the Probate Section's efforts to increase diversity in its membership, programs and activities, committees, and governance and in the probate and trust law practice area, the Probate Section's Executive Committee has established a committee for diversity as a permanent part of the Section's governance, to be known as the Diversity Committee.

The Diversity Committee has as its initial objective to assess the Probate Section's current environment and efforts around diversity and inclusion and design and implement an action plan consistent with the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Goals and Reporting

The goals of the Diversity Committee are:

  1. To identify and promote meaningful opportunities for inclusion, participation and involvement of attorneys and law students from diverse groups in Probate Section membership, activities and programs, committees and governance.

  2. To establish connections with affinity bar associations and other organizations serving diverse groups to create effective means for communicating and partnering with their memberships or constituencies in educational programs and community activities to further the practice of probate and trust law in the Philadelphia area.

  3. To engage the Section's membership in programs and activities with the goal of advancing and supporting diversity and inclusion in the practice of probate and trust law in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

The Association's Individual Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Checklist shall be completed annually by the officers of the Section's Executive Committee and all members of the Diversity Committee. Members of the Executive Committee are encouraged to complete an Individual Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Checklist.

For annual reporting to the Section's Executive Committee, the Diversity Committee shall monitor and track:

  1. The number of women and diverse people who participate in the Probate Section's programs and events as speakers, moderators and panelists.

  2. The number of the Probate Section's training and education programs that address diversity and inclusion issues, whether as a sole focus or as an integrated part of the curriculum or agenda.