The Philadelphia Lawyer Summer 2013

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From the Editor
by Justine Gudenas

Briefs, In Memoriam & Reader's Comments

Ethical issues with a lawyer serving as a third-party neutral
by David I. Grunfeld

Labor and Employment Law
What employers need to know about their social media policies
by Joshua A. Brand

Keep Walking?
Will anyone say something when a self-important man berates a cashier?
by Michael J. Carroll

10 Questions for John Y. Gotanda
The dean of Villanova University School of Law talks about changes the program has made for today's students
by Courtenay R. Dunn

Looking Back, 55 Years On
Law school couldn’t prepare you for the real world of City Hall in 1958
by Steve LaCheen

Young Lawyers Division 2013 Law Week Poster Contest

The Curious Case of the Smoking Gun
What are the unforeseen consequences of endowing corporations with human traits?
by Edward W. Silver

A Nation Born of, Built On and Saved By Compromise
It might be hard to fathom in today's political climate, but compromise was once common in American government
by M. Kelly Tillery

Annals of Justice: The Legend's Tale
A Runyonesque attorney was an eccentric and a genius
by Steve LaCheen

A guide to must-have apps for smart phones and tablets
by Daniel J. Siegel

Book Review
Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates
by Daniel J. Siegel

That Was Then - 2003
Quarterly Meeting and Luncheon with women Justices of the
U.S. Supreme Court