The Philadelphia Lawyer Winter 2010

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From the Editor
by Deborah Weinstein

Briefs and In Memoriam

Workers' Compensation
Helping hands can sometimes cause headaches.
by Daniel Vincent DiLoreeto

Personal Finance
How's your credit? Score and, payment history determine loan eligibility.
by David I. Grunfeld

Take My Law Degree - Please!
For many, a career in the law is incredibly rewarding. But one-third of lawyers say they would choose another career if they could.
by Abita L. Allen and Alex Barnett

The simple words "dry martini" supply an indelible joy to those happily beguiled by the thought of snappy and bracing refreshment.
by Marc W. Reuben

You Can Fight City Hall - The Case of the Pope's Platform
A young attorney files a lawsuit against the city's decision to construct and pay for a platform for Pope John Paul II during his 1979 visit to Philadelphia.
by M. Kelly Tillery

Opening Family Court to the Public
For many years, domestic relations proceedings in Philadelphia were closed to anyone but litigants and their lawyers.
by Carol E. Tracy, Terry L. Fromson and Seth F. Kreimer

Embracing the Challenge
Meet Scott F. Cooper, 83rd Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Tweeting and Texting During Trial: Social Media's Siege on the Courts
How Facebook, Twitter and blogs complicate jury service.
by Michael Petitti

Words go to war.
by Michael Carrol

Avoid social media blunders when you go online
by Dan Giancanterino

That Was Then - 1993