The Philadelphia Lawyer Winter 2013

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From the Editor
by Justine Gudenas

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Eyes to the Future
A local law firm works with Constitution High School to boost
civics education and diversity in the legal profession
by Virginia G. Essandoh

10 Questions for Judge Eduardo C. Robreno
The U.S. District Court judge, who fled Cuba and the Castro regime as a teenager, is marking 20 years on the federal bench
by Matthew T. Cohen

Keep Calm & Carry On
Meet Kathleen D. Wilkinson, 86th Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association
by Lauren A. Wilkinson

You Can't Avoid the Media, So Why Not Join Them?
Become a valuable resource for local news broadcasts in need of legal analysis
by Kenneth M. Rothweiler

The Christ in the Cab
A time-strapped attorney jumps into a taxi to make it to a
meeting at school on time
by Michael J. Carroll

Young Lawyers Division 2012 Photo Contest
Standing Out from the Crowd

Losing your landline in favor of VoIP phone service
by Daniel J. Siegel

That Was Then - 1983
Judicare's Fifth Birthday