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What is the YLD?
The Young Lawyers Division ("YLD") of the Philadelphia Bar Association is comprised of:

  • All  Philadelphia Bar Association members who have not reached their 40th birthday or
  • All Philadelphia Bar Association members who are 40 or older and have been practicing less than three years.

Membership in the YLD is automatic for attorneys who meet the criteria and have paid the regular Bar Association annual dues -- there is no additional fee to be a member of the YLD.

How is the YLD Structured?
The YLD Executive Committee manages and directs the business and activities of the YLD's more than 2,900 members, including oversight of 20 committees in the areas of public service, law-related education and service to the legal community.  Each year, seven new members are elected to serve three-year terms on the Executive Committee, and one additional member is appointed by the Chair.

The Executive Committee is always looking for new ideas and projects.  If you have an idea about how to improve the community, the courts, or the practice of law, please contact any YLD Executive Committee member.

What does the YLD do?
The YLD is very active in both the law community and the community of Philadelphia. Throughout the year, members of the YLD are involved in numerous committees to develop programs that help children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and many more.